Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour that we all hav been waitin for!

Right, today is Earth Hour day! Remember to switch off all ur unnecessary lights ya! ;D

Well, we went over to CapSquare by metrobus also since I kinda noe whr to get down and whr the place is... You can actually reach thr by gettin down at Dang Wangi too btw! Tat's how Ah Yik, Angeline and her bfs come over to join us later on... And too bad, vin vin din get join us though... It started drizzin ad since 6pm... We decided to over earlier to help out since Nissa nid our help... Once we reached thr, we hurriedly went over to the registration counter to redeem our T-shirt... We were quite disappointed la coz we din get the Mellinda Looi's designer recycle bag and all of us got L size tee which is kinda big... But at least we get the tee, it's seriously better than nothin ad...
And once we got the shirt, we went to washroom right away to change to this brand new tee la of coz! Dengan bangga nyer of coz! =p

Spot me and Xiao Mei!

The first-come-first-serve redemption counter

Public pay RM10 for this tix, but us, FREE! =p
The advantages of workin over here! *evil grin*

We after changin to Mellinda Looi's Earth Hour tee!
Poser betul hor?! =p (Esp to Angeline!)

Me and Li May's shadow!

The recycle bag that we wanted but couldnt get! =(

And it CapSquare happens to be the place where the events of KL design week is on! ARTS! I love to see!!! Was so excited and happy to hav so many interestin things that happen all in the same day, same time and same place! How lucky I'm! =p Cant complaint ad! And here are the few pictures that I love! Enjoy! =D

Cool exhibition~

Lovely artworks on the wall

Creative bats designin

Innovative artworks

All rite, can you guess what is this?!
Pieces of newspaper cut rite? Somemore leh?

Clue; nah... zoom out a lil' bit...
Can u guess?

Ya, it's an eye made from newspaper cut...

Zoom out somemore... what do you see?
A lady rite?! Geng hor!?

They even made man face too...
Juz to balance back! =p

While this was made from colour printed newspaper cut!

After visitin the 'Secret Tent' and spendin lik more than half an hour there, we went back to the Earth Hour location...
We then saw Starbucks staff carry the whole tong of coffee lik their bagpacks tryin to fill empty mini cups wif black coffee...

The Walk of Hope area

Tilt up view to KL Tower and band marchin...

CHARMS cheerleaders and me! =p

Belinda and me wif erm, Shelby behind!

Us wif Bel

1-on-1 photo wif Ah Yik at last!

Me wif One In A Million's finalist...
(Fr top left to right; Rizu, Esther and Fify)
(Fr bottom left to right; Amylea, Aweera and Tomok)

We hang out a while at the back stage and then decided to call it a rest... Nissa was so nice, she brought us to a place whr the restaurant is loaded wif loads of local celebrities! LoL... It's at Betty's...

At Betty's, a place where all celebrities rest

Fruit punch drink

Yup, the celebrities VS us! =p

Love the Betty's restaurant background! ^^

At last, Owen Yap who is so kind and nice
agreed to take photos wif us since he got lotz time!
He's superb friendly! Love his smile! =D
(I noe, Angeline 100% cant sleep ad lor!)

Us and our moments together! Nice ma?!

Last but not least, purposely
wanna feature her in my blog! LoL~
Angeline the Lagendary SS and poser girl
of the year in 8TV intern la!

We then went back outside and join the big crowd around 8.05pm... Outside is more fun and warm coz candles can be seen lightin the road and ways~

Free candles to the public

Cant resist on snappin this cute lil' girl la! She's so adorable!
She helps to giv out candles to the public too! ;D

Number 60 and four circles are made from candles in cups!

Three of us
(Fr left to right; April, Angeline and Xiao Mei)

Nice le? I snap de! So proud~ =D
Angeline and Alvin lik cut and paste to here oni! =p

I even had the chance to stand beside celebrities when they were makin live broadcast to the public on TV on shuttin down their lights coz Adam, my supervisor asked me to use Natalie's camera to snap their pictures...

"Just 1 hour, 1 action, for a better world, switch off your lights now!!!"

OIAM finalist~

Natalie and Gary

Xiao Mei and Amylea

KL Tower switch off first

Then KLCC's turn. Magnicifent!

Us, the siao interns of 8TV! =D

Siao fella rite?! He's Angeline's bf number 4!

I tot they were suppose to save Mother Nature by
conserving energy, then why play fire when
fire can produce air pollution? ;?

Me and Mr. Izam, 8TV CEO =p

Mr. Izam and his family =D

I felt so proud to squat over thr coz
Angeline tried twice also fail coz kena halau! =p

Haha~ When I actually tried once and get to snap twice!
neh neh neh neh~

We din join the Walk of Hope coz it's so crowded... Scare we'll lost one another over there... So, we deicded to go back, as in home la... We walk all the way to Bandaraya station although the nearest station is Masjid Jamek... -_-" Nvm la... Basically, we, walk through Masjid India and Sogo... It's lik some kind of tour around KL...

Hehe, I guess tat's all I'm gonna share! Hope you guys enjoy reading all these news and post! Hav a nice and good days ahead! ;) So, do stay tune and catch up wif us later ya! ;D


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