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SHOWDOWN 2011Update's

it's hoppin' and poppin',

they're breakin' and lockin'

But who will Melt at the Meltdown?

Dance fever is definitely in town! The nation’s most-anticipated dance reality show received astounding response when hundreds of aspiring dance crews swarmed the auditions that were held across the country. After three weeks of countless turns, fiery jumps, isolation of body parts, a stage full of flips and crazy head spins, the judges have picked the most outstanding crews who will now compete in the next level, taking them one step closer to earn themselves the Showdown 2011 Champions title.

Showdown 2011, the one-of-a-kind reality dance crew show is back for its second season and is once again taking it raw from the streets. You heard it right – we’ve gotten down and dirty with some of the best local dance crews as they krumped, pumped and dropped moves showing us the coolest street grooves!

The Showdown 2011 crew traveled to three localities around Malaysia in search for the ultimate dance crew. Auditions kicked off in Kuching, on 8th January 2011 at Kompleks Pelancongan Sarawak (Old Court House), Kuching and moved to Aras 2, Novotel Kota Kinabalu 1Borneo, on the 15th of January 2011. The auditions finally made its way for not one but a two day try-out at the 4th Floor Carpark Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur, on the 21st and 22nd of January 2011, followed by the BATTLES on the 23rd of January 2011.

The intensity and heat of the competition soared sky high at the BATTLES as the 34 crews that made it through the auditions scuffled against each other to win a spot in the next round – The Meltdown. Judging the battles were returning SHOWDOWN judges, award-winning rapper/album producer Joe Flizzow of Too Phat as well as renowned dancer/choreographer Maple Loo along side guest judges Zero of Giller Battle Crew and Alam of Wakaka Crew, while DJ FUZZ dropped the hottest beats.

As each crew stepped up to display versatility and strong performing qualities at the Battles, only 23 crews were handpicked to make it to the MELTDOWN. The 23 crews are, Panic, Fulamak Crew, Syko Breakers, Force 136, Da Last Minute Crew, Centreline, EGS Monster, JB Breaker Crew, Bounce Stepperz, Monster Gangz, X13, 1 Reason Crew, Project Elementz, Zoopa Fresh, Dejavu Breakers, Borneo Crew, Elecoldxhot, Blazin Squad, HMC Phlow, Roku Steps, Stepholic and Soulution.

“Showdown 2011 is back! Once again we are searching for the best street dance crew to enliven the dance scene in Malaysia. Our local hip hop and street dance scene has grown by leaps and bounds.” says 8TV’s General Manager, Ms. Lam Swee Kim.

Kim adds: “I believe that there is a lot of talent in our local scene and Showdown 2011 is tailored to uncover them in the most positive approach as well as provide them with the right platform to showcase their talent. We are not just on the look out for a winner in this competition; we are in search for the ultimate dance crew!”

The MELTDOWN that will take place mid February, will see the 23 crews show off their skill and fight to win a spot in the next round as only 12 crews will be given the chance to compete at the Dance Off stages in Kuala Lumpur (LIVE shows), where for 10 weeks they will face the probability of elimination, until the ultimate battle– The Final Showdown.

“This year the energy has multiplied! Its going to be an amazing season! It’s incredible the quantity and quality of young talents we have locally. It’s really good to see young Malaysians looking at street dance from a whole new perspective now. It’s also great to see parents coming forth to support these youngsters in modern day form of art.” said Joe Flizzow, while Maple Loo had nothing but praise for the young talent “The crews pulled off the unthinkable this season. They were challenged to learn numerous routines in short time and most of them didn’t disappoint us, infact many impressed us. I am very proud to see that there is so much skill around. It’s so enlightening to watch young boys and girls have so much passion and pride for dance today.”

Welcoming back its reputed host Hafiz Hatim of Fly.Fm and its star studded judge panel, Showdown 2011 is also proud to receive sponsors Hotlink and Sony together with returning partner Vitagen, Official Hotel, Tune Hotel, Official Hair and Make Up Snips and Office Make Up, media partners FlyFM also HotFM and Just DANCE! Magazine, Malaysia’s 1st DANCE Magazine.

Showdown 2011 will premier on Wednesday, 6th April 2011 at 9.30pm exclusively on 8TV. Don’t be left out on the most electrifying moves, spins and stunts that will take the nation by storm! All this and more can be enjoyed for free only on 8TV. 8TV is also on Astro’s Channel 708.

Don’t forget you can also catch your favourite 8TV programmes by simply logging to www.8tv.com.my / www.tonton.com.my or mobile.8tv.com.my via your mobile phone. Also, follow us on www.facebook.com/8TV showdown 2010 for web exclusives and to watch your favourite episodes of the show. A show you just can’t afford to miss! Are you game?

Get ready to witness, electrifying energy, unthinkable skill, creative choreography and intense passion, as the greatest dance showdown is about to begin - Showdown 2011

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阖家团圆一起发CNY Reunion 178

The 2011 CNY Reunion 178 roadshow is gonna end soon. This week the last two road show will held at Mahkota Parade on this coming Friday 28th January 2011 and not to miss the last roadshow held on 29th Berjaya Times Square.

come join us and celebrate an early CNY and bring all the prosperous year ahead in the year of rabbit. what make us so special and fun from 8TV, ntv7 and oneFm? we gonna bring excited dance by all the singer in the album. follow us and learn the dance move and get everyone to perform on this week at Berjaya Times Square.

you can click on the following link to 8TV facebook for the video :)

the schedule of the week:

28/1/11 7pm 马六甲皇冠百利广场(Mahkota Parade)
29/1/11 7pm 吉隆坡成功时代广场(Berjaya Times Square)

come support MEdia Prima special brought to you Chinese New Year album and have a new year ahead. this time 8TV gossip team will also be attending the roadshow to visit our fellow fans too. :)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eye On You Promo

Dear fans,

it time to think about the reasons why our paid alway cant afford our expenses and how you should solve it. This Sunday 17th january 2010 stay tune with 8TV 12pm.. we bring you a new program :)

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另外,来自中国的李晨浩第一次来马就参与戏剧的拍摄,让他觉得非常值得,因为有两份收获,除了工作,还能乘机旅游,多认识马来西亚。不过,说话速度比较快的他,被赖力豪戏称“Mr. Quick”,还笑说他除了出话快,吃饭走路也比别人快。

来自新加坡的许雅慧则对自己角色喜欢不已,直说自己的角色非常梦幻。由于在剧中她周旋在Josh 和李晨浩之间,当记者要求她在现实生活中选一位时,让她有点左右为难,后来Lawrence跳出来帮她解围,“她会选我啦!”原来两人在《浮生劫》已经结缘,比较熟悉。


《天幕谜情》计划在2011年年底播出,这也是八度空间与MM2 Entertainment继《眉飞色舞》、《乐语思情》和《一心忆意》后再一次合作。

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Monday, January 3, 2011

签唱会场场爆满 《阖家团圆一起发》DVD卖断市赶追加印

由首要媒体集团旗下3家电子媒体Onefm,ntv7和八度空间温馨打造的兔年贺岁专辑《阖家团圆一起发》,集合了30位主持人、艺人、主播和 DJ一起灌录而成。早前一众参与演唱的艺人魅力席卷北马,场场爆满人潮汹涌。在亚罗士打的宣传活动,更因为人太多而把围栏推断脚,卖气、人气皆满分!

配合一连串的宣传活动,观众朋友除了可以透过电台访问听到他们的声音和透过电视节目看到他们的踪影外,一众艺人也牺牲周末的黄金时间北上南下马不停蹄的会见观众朋友,为大家现场演绎充满新春气息的贺岁歌曲,玩游戏送礼物以及为购买专辑的朋友签名合照,答谢大家一路以来的相挺。配合20多场的签唱会,发行商也推出了绝对珍藏版的 CD+DVD,买一送一的优惠只限在签唱会上才购买得到。



日期 时间 地点
1/1/11 1pm 柔佛居銮广场(Kluang Mall)
1/1/11 6pm 柔佛五福成广场(Sutera Mall, Skudai)
8/1/11 2pm 砂拉越The Spring Shopping Centre
8/1/11 6.30pm 砂拉越富丽华广场(Boulevard Mall)
9/1/11 3.30pm 吉隆坡金河广场(Sg. Wang)
9/1/11 8pm 森美兰芙蓉百利广场(Seremban Parade)
15/1/11 1pm 吉打亚罗士打广场(Alor Setar Mall)
15/1/11 9pm 槟城汽车城(Auto City)
16/1/11 1pm 槟城合您广场(Gurney Plaza)
16/1/11 8pm 霹雳怡保百利广场(Ipoh Parade)
22/1/11 7pm 柔佛巴株芭辖广场(Batu Pahat)
28/1/11 7pm 马六甲皇冠百利广场(Mahkota Parade)
29/1/11 7pm 吉隆坡成功时代广场(Berjaya Times Square)

come support MEdia Prima special brought to you Chinese New Year album and have a new year ahead. this time 8TV gossip team will also be attending the roadshow to visit our fellow fans too. :)

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人生海海, Truth Next Door





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