Thursday, April 30, 2009

What happened on 27 April 2009

Here you go; this is the top 3 contestant of the One In A Million. A bit of the introduction:

1. Nasharul Aweera Bin Norhissham or known as AWEERA- an 18 year old singer who love rock music.
2. Shah Indrawan Bin Ismail or known as TOMOK- an 24 year old singer who are local Klrian and love pop rock.

3. Elizabeth Applunius Chin or known as ESTHER- An sexy 24 year old singer who born in Kota Kinabalu and she love modern blues and jazz fusion

From left to right: Aweera, Esther, Tomok

Right after Nine was voted out by malaysian last Friday here the top 3 finalist who compete to fight for the malaysian Own Voice that worth 1 million ringgit. On 27th April 2009 8TV had serve our media with the press conference in PLUSE, GRAND MILLENIUM HOTEL, KL. All our 8 staff had went to set up since noon and the press conference supposingly start at 3 but because of the weather rainfall, the PC start at 3 something.

As you can see this is the media registration table where all the promotional team which consist of Nawar the manager along with the urban and chinese PR executive with their assistant – intern haha me and michelle are responsible to serve the media so that we can assure that all the media have the PC press release dan profile and we are glad and thanks to our partner Oxy and Strepsil where they had sponsored goodies bag for the PC.

The PC start with a Gimick where there are robber who want to rob the cheque that sign by our CEO En Izham Omar which worth RM1 million ringgit. And guess what the robber actually is Aweera ,Tomok and Esther. After the Host introduced the Top 3, we thanks to Juwita the contestant motivation trainer had hand a token of praise- a watch that worth more then 1 thousand ringgit to 3 of them

The PC further with question from all different print media like newspaper and magazine as well as the Online Jr that hope to get answer from the contestant. Our dear 8TV Quickie are on ground as well to take all the delighting moment of the PC as it will be broadcast on air at night opportunity had been allocated where the CEO En Izham, Miss Kim the General Manager producer of One In A Million, the judge Paul Moss, motivation Trainer Juwita, tha fashion stylist Peter Lum as well as the Top 3 of the OIAM 3 was on stage right infront of the big back drop of OIAM.

When the PC ends, the day is not end. All journalists actually hope to have an interview with the top management who are in charge with it. Our CEO En Izham, GM Miss Kim, as well as the contestant was booked for interview for write up. While interview was going on, Hi tea are served to everyone as we are appreciate the media who take their time to cover the PC. Combination of malay local style of dish as well as japanese favourite, Sushi. Some cute cup cake and more had been served

And is time to end when everyone is leaving and the thanks to special project team who dismantle everything as well as the audio and visualtechnician for their help. So it actually effort from everyone to organized such successful press conference.

For more information, please log on to for further infomation and this week 1st of May 2009 the GRANDE FINAL of the One In A Million season 3- the hottest season
stay tune with us to identify who are the person who win the RM 1 million ringgit. this live show was brought by 8TV exclusively and special thanks to strepsils, Oxy and Coca Cola.

vin vin
alvin de psyrus

Psst... We were being interviewed

Yup... we were all kinda being force, esp me by Mr. Fido to let Gua Muzik interview us bout our opinion on who we think among the Top 3 OIAM finalist will walk away with 1 million ringgit... coz others were kinda paiseh la...

1st victim, me
"I think I want Esther to win coz she's ..."

"I think Esther will win coz ..."

"I guess the winner is Esther ..."

"Tomok ataupun Aweera ..."
At the end oso kena... =p

" I rasa Esther ..."
Try to run away to washroom but oso kena at the end... =p

It's really funny coz we were being ask without givin any preparation la... So, we talk oso "erm" a lot of times lo... =p I even kena 'NG'... =p They said they might goin to upload these video into their website later on... So, do watch out for that ya! ;D

Well, I guess that's all that happened today! =) Anyways, hav a nice and good days ahead! ;) So, do stay tune and catch up wif us later ya! ;D

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The Gossip Team!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Process of making crew tags

Yup, I'm juz back to work since last week I'm not around due to my exams...
And yup, few more days, it's goin to be OIAM finals! Gosh, cant wait for the day to come! =)
Meanwhile, at the office, everyone is superb busy preparing for the days! As for me, I'm ordered to make hundreds and hundreds of crew tags for all of us! =]

Although this may sound tiring and boring, due to repeating all the process over and over and over again, but, trust me, once you do, you'll eventually enjoy doin it and you wont actually stop! =p

So, here are the ways on how to do tags if you wanna learn! =p
First, you will nid to print out of coz! Print as many as you wish.
Secondly, cut all into rectangular shape and folded it into half.
Then, place one by one of the folded tag gently on laminating film (3 pcs by 3 pcs max) and make sure to leave some space above the tag so later, it's easier to punch a hole onto it in order to add strings to it.
Next, let the whole laminating film go through the laminate machine, not go through once, but 5 times min in order to get better effect and to make sure no bubbles in it! =)
Once done, cut all into pieces and punch hole to the top part of the tag
Then attach strings onto the crew tag then *wala* it's done! =)

This is not all, there are still many more to make!

Need this laminating films of coz

"Careful ya! Remember to leave space on top ya! bla bla bla..."

Ya la, May got help a bit la... 'Lipat'ing the tags lo... =p

May and April workin on crew tags

Oops, the failure ones...
You hav to fail once to bcum a sucessful person in future rite? =p

Aiks, I still sempat to pose pulak... =p

The success ones... =p Need to undergo this process lots of time!

Sound simple rite? but it's actually not! esp when you need to repeat the process in order to get better results to the tag! ;D

A picture of vin vin busy workin... =p

Meanwhile, at office durin afternoon, a meeting was held, discussin bout job assingment for each dept for OIAM finals... Both May and Vin get the chance to participate in the meetin and this are the few pictures they manage to snap! =)

Everyone is busy discussin and listenin except erm, Alvin?

Busy explaining and discussing...

Jobs allocation in a map form

Hmm, I guess tat's all I'm gonna share wif everyone today! Hope you guys enjoy reading!
Anyways, hav a nice and good days ahead and pls do stay tune and catch up wif us for more latest info and gossips ya! ;D

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The Gossip Team!

Monday, April 27, 2009

UPG Top 6 Live Show@Sri Pentas 2, Plaza Alam Sentral (26/04/2009)

Yo yo yo yo! Guess what? UPG is getting interesting yo! Lol. I was trying to imitate what Gary said during the show. This time, left 6 groups in the competition. Gosh, getting 'Gan Cheong'.Ever since they swapped some group members, the show is much more better! Heh, honestly, I myself also wondering why la they go and change it, but then the result turns out to be good! Sometimes, it's just not easy to think like them. I guess they got my respect. *applauses*

Anyway, back to the main topic. When the show started, as usual the host came out and greet the audiences and blah blah blah. Interaction between the host and audiences. No joke man, "Ya Tou" got A LOT of fans. Personally, I like "Wen Wen" in that group. She's cute. She has a cute voice too! So, let's have a look how the hosts dressed on that day.

Xiao Yu a.k.a. Natalie and Gary Yap

The first group to come out and also managed to get somewhere 26 points was.....FRIENDZ!
Congrats! Yes, they did a great performance. I almost thought that they were not in a competition but a pure performance from the real artists!

You say la, nice or not?

Then Nu Girls also got perform. But their performance was just so-so. From the previous week, they got the "pass" to stay for the next round. For the latest 1, hmm..not that good. Well, luckily this time they got more votes than the other 1.

Next, let me show you the 4 cute girls! Teehee, "Ya Tou"! This time, their performace was more to mystery. Gee, I'm starting to get addicted to UPG. Well, all I can say is, local production can be good as well. We just need to support them. If you never try, you will never know.

"Xing Ji Nan Hai" a.k.a. Starboys

The backup dancers

A group photo

Last but not least, the group that got eliminated, XL.

Sad la. I was hoping they will continue for the next round. Too bad, they do not have a lot of votes. Anyway, Carrie and Joy can come back again! I'm really looking forward for the coming show. Stay tuned!

If you want to know more about Ultimate Power Group, just log on to or you can even watch their performance in 8tv official website! If you haven't register, why still wait? :) After all, it's FREE!

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The Gossip Team!

Gosh! What ya think?

Yes, it's confirmed that this blog is finally reaching out to the public people... and even to the seniors, Execs, GMs and all the CEOs in Media Prima! Is it a good thing o a bad thing to create this blog at the first place? Coz we are now in mixed feelings... Excited and terrified at the same time... Excited and happy of coz that there is people following this blog and we can see people giving feedback... but scare and terrified at the same time because we might accidentally and not intend to offend some people in our post... although we know that in The First Amendment of the Constitution that protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from any interference on net. (According to Cyber Law) But we also aware that we might get sue for libel defamation if we injures someones reputation and exposes them to public contempt, hatred, ridicule or condemnation. (According to Mass Media Law) But we promise this kind of things will never gonna happen in this blog!

And we would like to remind everyone that this blog is created by us with no intention of hurting anyone and is created as part of our moments in working at 8TV, where we can able to refer back next time in future and also as a useful site for those people who plan to do interns with 8TV or in any media related field...

So, anyways, in your opinion, do you think we should continue posting blogs or we should stop this blog? What is your reason? And what kinds of contents you wish to read about in this blog besides press conference and also recent events? We need your opinions... You can comment over here or just send directly to our e-mail add, Any comments are most welcome ya... We accept all kinds of comment, no matter it's positive or negative!

*P/S : Did you catch Ultimate Power Group live show and Ghost 2 just now?! So exciting rite?! Especially Ghost 2! Cant wait to watch next week's episode! It's so addicting! And if you guys have miss it, fret not! Coz you can always view back through our official website! =) So, do stay tune and stick on your favourite channel, 8TV ya! =)

And wait for May to update on the latest UPG live show that happened just now! =p

Due to overwhelming response to this matter above, we would like to proudly announce to everyone that this blog site will still go on as usual no matter what happens now! We would like to thank everyone who supported us all the way ya! We appreciate all the e-mails and messages that we received supporting us! Thanks a lot again ya! =)

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Psssst...have a quick look over here!

Still remember the post of Mac and April '09 Town Hall Gathering?

Teehee, Our CEO, Encik Izam explained his goal and mission to us.The top 5 things to achieve? He encouraged us to set our very own top 5 things to achieve.

The CEO's top 5 target for 2009

Aha! Yesterday, which was on Friday, it was the day that only a few people stayed in the office. of our gossip team members went around and see if there's anyone put up the top 5 list. *grins*

Seriously we thought that most of the ppl will be too busy to put this up, but..guess what!

*ehem* This is from one of our webmaster, Mr. Fido! If you think the words are too blur, I shall write out his list out here. :p
1. 111.6 million
2. Balik Kampung!
3. Renovate Rumah!
4. Success In Task
5. (-.- I dunno what's that word) Something like Masyak? Need to ask him personally.

This? From another webmaster! Abang Hafiz! :) Let's see if there's anything interesting over here..
1. 113 million
2. Save more, spend less
3. Have a driving license
4. Do every task assigned smartly
5. Own a car
Not bad, not bad..

Anyway, both of them do not know that I snapped those photos. Hopefully they won't mind.. :p

Besides revealing their top 5 things to achieve, we would like to introduce 2 ppl in this post, they are.....Fido and Hafiz! A very big thank you to both of them, because Fido MIGHT be helping us to create a banner. Tell you what, it will be a super cool banner! Just follow our blog and you will find it out soon. :D As for Hafiz, he's the one who always help us with the HTML codes. As you can see, we do not want to waste the space, so he make the thing wider. Many thanks to our super duper cool webbymaster! (I like to call them webbymaster, it sounds cute, isn't it? XD)

Hafiz: I know I'm cool, I shall put a peace sign!

Fido: Eh, I'm shy to pose, but no doubt, I'm the lengcai Fido!

There you go, Mr.Fido and Mr.Hafiz! Dun say that we din blog about you! Haha. We heard that!

*P/S : This blog had been re-edited due to unforeseen circumstances by the admin. We (April, May and Vin) are very sorry if we offended anyone in our blog here... But we promise we wont make the same mistake twice.

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The Gossip Team!

Famous ppl detected

Wow. Our gossip team members detected a celebrity! Who's that? She's Fish Leong! 

Too bad we did not managed to snap her photo, plus, even if we got the camera with us, I dun think we will be able to snap. But we were glad to meet her. Besides us, the school visit from In House were lucky to saw her! Fish Leong was with her bodyguards and her manager too I guess. 

Why is she here? Ohh, there was an interview with her. After 8tv, She needs to rush to NTV7 and  OneFM for another interview. What a busy celebrity. :) Although she was busy, she still smile at us. 

But it's okay. The next day, guess what, we saw Alex Yoong, the Malaysian F1 driver. Cool huh? This time, I think he was there to meet our GM. Although we do not know the real reason, but we managed to snap a photo with him after they finish doing their stuff. 

I think I'm starting to love F1. :p 

p/s: April, you missed out all these laaaa. 

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The Gossip Team!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

OIAM Top 2 or Top 3 at the Grand Finale?

Wow, to our surprise, in this season, which is much more diff if were compare to any other previous seasons... expect the unexpected rite?! Towards the end of the live show today, Awal and Marion announced that for nex week Grand Finale, the public will hav the power on deciding whether two or three finalists that will hav the chance to perform on the stage and win one million ringgit!

Want three person to perform on Grand Finale?! You decide! It's all in your hand to decide! What you can do? Just log in to 8TV website by clickin over here! And vote under the box that stated "Do you want Top 2 or Top 3 in Grand Finale?" And if Top 3 is your choice, besides votin online, you will also need to SMS your vote as usual in order to be counted as the total votes in Grand Finale! So, your votes do count and it's very important to them! And, it's advisable no rest for your thumbs and fingers until nex week Friday! Keep on SMS and vote for your favourite contestant! ;)

This week, Nine got voted out from the public! So, the Top 3 finalists are Tomok, Esther and Aweera!

Top 3 finalist! All in shiny smile~
We hav Esther, Tomok and Aweera!

Nine get voted out today from the public

This is so exciting rite?! I noe! Us too!
Some of you had miss the live show? Fret not anymore! You still can able to watch it from here!
What?! Still cant get enough of them?! Hmm, you may see them live in person and get their signatures too tomorrow at Sg. Wang for their roadshow in the afternoon ya! (Psst; I heard that there will be many other contestants over there too besides the Top 3! It'll be very fun!) ;D
WHAT?! Still cant get enough of them?! Okay, fine, remember do watch them in OIAM diaries every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 9.30pm and 11.30pm too! =)

Cant wait for the result on who'll stay and who'll be voted out nex week rite?! So, remember, do vote for them on our website, SMS and stay tune wif us on 8TV to catch more exciting news bout OIAM! One in a Million; The hottest season yet!

**Pictures are courtesy from 8TV and! Thanks~

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School visit from SMK Ayer Tawar

Hey hey hey, there was another school visit on Friday, 24th April 2009. Let's give them a big welcome! :) 

This time, they are from SMK Ayer Tawar! As usual, we were expecting their arrival around 3pm. The person who's in charge of this is Xiao Xiao. Lucky me, my supervisor brought me together to assist her and Alvin joined us too! 

Xiao Xiao briefing them what should they do and where will they be visiting

At first they were quite shy to ask questions and they dun seem to be looking forward for this trip. BUT, I guess after the ice-breaking session (which was chit chating and gossip), they started to be active and ask a lot of questions. We had a lot of fun and they get to know more about 8tv too. 

The teacher with her cute daughter. Heh, she can pose well huh. 

After that, she requested to take a photo with us too! Of course with Xiao Xiao, but too bad, I dun have the photo with me. :( The teacher is quite a nice person and not to forget about the students. 

Small group photo, Say Cheese!

After the visit and the photo session at the hallway, Xiao Xiao explained and gave them a Q&A session. Then we helped them to take a big group photo before leaving. Saw the guy wearing specs with green shirt? He's another teacher who has a great humor sense. :p

Tadah! A big group photo. Geez, I love this photo. But bcos of the weather, most of them hardly can open their eyes widely. Lol. 

Last but not least, wanna say thank you to all of them, expecially the one who arranged this visit! There you go! 

A big smile from her

This visit ended happily and we are glad to know them. :) As for me? Yeah, I love school visit, that's because I always get to meet new people, learn things and see things that make me go La~La~La~ (Happy). So stay tuned, let's see who will be coming for the school visit! 

You noe you gonna love us! 
The Gossip Team!

Friday, April 24, 2009

In House Multimedia College Visit

23 April 2009, 3pm. we warmly welcome the requested visit trip from In House Multimedia College (IHMC) where 28 of them included their lecturer/ coordinator came and waited the PR executive Mr. Azwar Nazli my supervisor as well as his left right hand me ^^ and Michelle^^ at the Lobby. a bit of brief intro about them, they are the year one sem 1 and year 2 sem 1 Mass Comm student

Today their trip will cover the mini studio, Alt Media department, news studio, and 8TV corridor which there are a short introduction of Media Prima, 8TV been explained by our supervisor before proceed.

Picture shown are the memorable picture of IHMC student in the studio and type of studio, setting and the qualification to be a host had been discuss during the talk and before they leave the studio, pictures been taken and the lecturer had promise to belanja minum. somehow it actually force by his student.

After visiting the mini studio for the *8 E-news and Quickie program which hosted by Gary Yap Natalie for e news and Belinda, Henry, Honny Madu and Zher for Quickie . they heading to the 8TV office corridor which full with TV program logo such as Ho Chak!, One in A million and many interesting program which aired on 8TV. oh yea before i forget they been to our owned Alt Media department where all chat box, jukebox, SMS game was done there and our colleague Sook Yee was on duty are joining our explaination.

right after that, they are heading to news studio and take picture all around the corridor. Question had been asked from several student on regarding how the name come from? Who is CEO and ETC are answered by Alvin and Michelle and Azwar Nazli are explaining on the news studio. The trip end by sending them to the lobby for group photo, very sorry to them as we are unable to let them visit One Fm as they did't not hand in the requisition form, That why lol. by 5pm, the visit end.


vin vin

Alvin De Psyrus