Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hi! Lilian is here.

Hi, I’m Lilian, the new intern that Li May had introduce earlier on. Besides me, another intern that’s Chiu Yen will also be updating her news later on. So sorry, after 3 weeks only i introduce myself. I’ll be here, at 8TV HR department for 2 months. Thanks to the previous interns (Alvin, Li May and April) that had taught me a lot of things before they left. But they are still with us, of course, joining some of the activities and updating the blog.

Here, have a look at my photo. Hehe..

i took this on the day when i was called for interview.
Guess where's the place? :P

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Confession of the millionaire boy

Psst, we hav some news for u guys! We're not sure whether this rumors are true o not but still, it's kinda interesting though! =p Enjoy!
Tomok, our latest OIAM winner of Season 3 this year had finally confessed that he actually hav feelings over this two girls! Yup, TWO but not one! (We noe, we noe, one is never enuf for a millionaire!) =p Well, we oni get the names of who he had feelings for but not their faces! Sorry peeps! =(
So, if anyone wif tat two names can actually go to 8TV office to try ur luck on wearing on the glass heels tat u left at Stadium Melawati during the finals! All rite? ;) See below if u were the one then! Good luck! ;D

1st lady, is there anyone u noe name Salina?

2nd lady, are you Nissa then?

So, did anyone hav any luck? Is one of those ur name? Yes?! No?! C'mon, comment n tell us ya if u were the lucky ones! ;)

What? you guys dont believe it's real?! What? Do you heard Tomok were being force to hold the mugshot?! What?! Really?! That Tomok smile was fake?! Being forced?

Erm, seriously, we hav no idea... Our jobs here is to report out any news o rumors! Anythin u nid to clarify, pls dont come n find us ya! Hehe~ =p

And according to the owners of these pictures, credit thanks to;

Producer and Copywriter were Annisa Shahee
Director and Photoghapher - Ridzwan Ibrahim

FYI, no people were harmed during this photos were taken yet! So, dont worry la!

**Cerita ini adalah rekaan semata-mata, tidak ada kena mengena dengan yang hidup ataupun yang mati. Sekian, terima kasih.

P/S : Now I know why all these while, why we never hav guy as a winner in OIAM! Oh, and btw, he's still single and available ya! ;D

Well, we guess that's all we gonna update! Seriously, this update is just for fun! Pls do not get offended or anythin! ;D So, please do stay tune with us to find out more updates on any events or news or rumors or even gossips! Hav a nice ahead and good days ahead! ;)
Ciao~ ;D

You noe you gonna love us!
The Gossip Team!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introducing Budi, the boi who blog 'bout his life comically!

I noe, interesting title rite?! Make u guys wanna noe more rite?! Hehe~ Well, today, I was so lucky to get to follow the PR team to Cineleisure, The Curve for Blogger Boy PC! As a Special Projects member crew, of coz I'm there to set up the batings, as well as teachin the new PR interns on how to help out also! =p
Well, Blogger Boy is a new drama produced by Red Comm and the good news is, Blogger Boy is soon to be aired at 8TV! What? You guys wanna noe when? Okok, I'll tell! It's on 28th of May this year of coz! It's gonna be aired half an hour of every Thursday! Trust me, u'll never get enuff of it coz the show is oni 30min in a day of a week!

'"Blogger Boy" follows the ups and downs of Mr. Average Budi, a tuition teacher to a bunch of energetic and mischievous fifth formers, he has a secret identity on the Internet by way of his confessional comics blog.'
Here are the info of The Red Comm Production Team;

The cast and the crews are as follows :

Qi Razali as Budi
Nas-T as Kid
Julie Woon as Nina

Concept: Lina Tan, Bernard Chauly & Rafidah Abdullah


Producer: Lina Tan
Story & Script Rafidah Abdullah
Executive Producers: Lee Mee Fung | Alan Tan | Lina Tan
Directors: Bernard Chauly, Khoo Teng Leang & Fabian Wilfred Joseph
Line Producer: Oh Sok Peng
Director of Photography: Haris Hue
Editors: Farra Aizurin Zulkarnain & Wong Hui Lynn
Comic Artist: Nikki Liaw
Graphics: Ezrena Marwan | Rafiq Ghazali
Production Designer & Wardrobe Stylist: Daniel Henry
Make-up & Hair: Susan Chaopradith
Production Managers : Goh Soo Chen | Tee Joe Jer
1st Assistant Director : Umi Salwana

And ince Alvin ad wrote mostly bout how the PC is goin on, so, I'll juz skip those part and tell you guys what happened today! ;D Hmm, well, mayb I should write less and let the pictures do the talkin then since Alvin ad given enuff info! =p Agree?! Hehe~ So, here it goes! ;D

Alvin spotted helpin to set up also

Girl Power rawz!
The PR Team minus Mr. Awzar

Michie wif her two lovely supervisor

Spotted: Abang K-Rol enjoyin in the cinema with other crews

Angeline again forcin ppl to snap pictures wif her
although she's gonna be at 8TV till end of June! -_-"

Angeline wif her BMG dept supervisors

Us, the interns

April, Michie and Angeline

Our premiere screenin is at Hall 3

The casts

The casts and the crews family potraits

Qi as Budi

Julie Woon as Nina

She is so cheeky rite?! =)

Nas-T as Kid

The Blogger Boy main casts for more info

She's the comic artist for this drama; Nikki Liaw

The emcee of the day was Belinda Chee (on the most right)

Nas-T wif me

Qi and me

Cun Nurul and me

Both siao; Michie and April

While Angeline is spotted eatin the foods as usual! =p
FYI, she is posing for the pict, holdin foods on her left hand
and snappin the food pictures on her right hand!
I know, multi-talented rite?! *salute*

Nikki and Michie (both Manga lover!)
P/S : I still think Michie's Pinky Polka Dot Bag is very nice! >.<

And do click here for the Blogger Boy Promo teaser! It's interestin and this drama is somehow the first that uses comic drawings in filming at Malaysia!

And for more info bout Blogger Boy, u can alwiz check out their official website at here! Have fun draggin those words and pictures! (like I did!) =p

P/S : This is what I find out! They do actually hav this real-life story of Budi in blog form lik how I'm bloggin rite now but it's juz in comic style! Wanna see?! OK, here it goes! Click here!
And u miss the episode of the Blogger Boy o u wanna watch the show again, worry not, coz u can alwiz log on to our 8TV website to watch it again and again and again! And click here for the link! You're most welcome! ^^

Last but not least, here is the picture of our dress code; Comic/Cartoon Theme coz it's Cartoonic Thursday! ^^

Us in Comic/Cartoon Theme

Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna post about today! So, please do stay tune with us to find out more updates on any events and news! Hav a nice ahead and good days ahead! ;)
Ciao~ ;D

You noe you gonna love us!
The Gossip Team!

UPG Mini Concert @ Mines Shopping Fair

Yup, around 9.30am ad I reach office when the call time is actually at 3pm! =p Anyways, cut the story short n let's move on to real story! =D

Once we reach the roof top Splash Park of Mines Shopping Fair, (Oh my, Mines is so nice ad! They even hav new wings!) we start setting up n due to small stage, we oni get to set up 1 big main backdrop instead of 1 big n 2 small backdrops that we bought. (Hey, it's heavy wan ar, u noe!)

Then ard 5pm sumthin, the finalists is finally all here... rehearsing... while the audio man, Alex oso doin his sound check...

Star Boys


"Check mic 1,2; 1,2,3. meow;me me me-ow; me me me me-ow"

Complicated? Nah~
If only I could touch all these... =p

Here are the pictures that I snapped... So, enjoy! Not much stuff to talk coz I noe nuthin bout Mandarin! =p For this concert, they make it as one by one of group to sing, then dual group which mixed up together to perform, then all-girls and all-boys performance... Today's theme is mre to Mother's Day coz tomolo is Mother's Day... =) Oh ya, Nu Girls and King Kong dance Jai Ho's Indian Dance... So, here goes the pictures... Let them do the talkin instead of me...

The eliminated ones who came back n support the finalists

"We can do it, we can do it, GO! GO! GO!"

Prayin, hoping that tonite's concert will go on smoothly

I even noticed the moon today is so round lik an egg yolk! =p

Me and Kenny (my ex-cousemate)

Look, the eliminated ones are still famous wei! =)

The fans

The crowds!

Miss Siew Tyug giving instructions to the crowds/fans
(Ya, in mandarin of coz!)

They perform together for the theme songs first!

The hosts; Gary and Natalie

Then to Q & A session for fans to win some great prizes

Star boys
(Do you feel too 'Wind'y instead of Stary?) =p




King Kong

Nu Girls

Mixed group; Nu Girls and King Kong.
They were the group who dance 'Jai Ho'!

They even dare Gary to carry Sydney wif romantic background music

The all-boys performance

The all-girl's performance

Finally, the group picture

And last but not least, the group picture wif fans behind as background

Can you see anyone there? He look lost rite?! =p

Haha... He's the charming Dheepan la... Who dunno him!

"Great jobs everyone! Get a good rest!", said Eng Sian

Done at last around 10.30pm... Gonna be tiring for the finalists and us, the crew coz tomolo, there's gonna be Live Show at SP2 to eliminate one more group out! Eager to know who is it?! Stay tune for more then! ;p And seriously, for superb info in Mandarin, you can alwiz check out here! They hav more news update in Mandarin! =D
Anyways, tat's all for today! Hav a nice ahead and good days ahead! ;)

You noe you gonna love us!
The Gossip Team!