Friday, July 31, 2009

A month of special Malaysian Tribute to Michael Jackson

Until now I still cannot accept the fact that the King of Pop died. Anyway, MJ's fans out there, here's a chance to watch him on 8TV.

TX Date: 8 Aug 2009, Saturday, 10.30pm - Michael Jackson Unmasked

TX Date: 15 Aug 2009, Saturday, 10.30pm – Michael Jackson Not For Sale

TX Date: 22 Aug 2009, Saturday, 10.30pm – Michael Jackson HIStory World Tour

TX Date: 29 Aug 2009, Saturday, 10.30pm – Michael Jackson’s 30th Anni. Celebrations

His sudden death had saddened thousands of fans world wide but one thing for sure, to every fan of Michael Jackson, he will be a Pop icon that will always be remembered for his many contributions in the music and entertainment industry.

As an honour to the King of Pop, 8TV had also aired Michael Jackson’s Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour on 27th of June and again at the Shout! Awards, 8TV had composed a special tribute performed by Jaclyn Victor featuring Reefa and Aubrey Suwito, performing two of Michael’s biggest singles ‘Heal the World’ and ‘You Are Not Alone’.

As a tribute to the legendary King of Pop, 8TV will be airing some of Michael Jackson’s best stories, behind-the-scenes and concerts. This August, 8TV will take its viewers through a journey down memory lane of the King of Pop’s life stories.

Michael Jackson: Unmasked

TX Date: 8 August, Saturday, 10.30pm

Michael Jackson has led an incredible life, from his beginnings as a child star, to his rise as the King of Pop, followed by his public humiliation and his fall from grace. Learn how his music career began at a young age and how it shaped his life for years to come. Get a view of his solo years and how his collaboration with Quincy Jones yielded one of the best selling albums of all time. Explore his decline as a recording artist and the bizarre personal problems that shamed him into seclusion. This is the real story of a star without equals, separating the man from the myth.

Michael Jackson: Not For Sale

TX Date: 15 August, Saturday, 10.30pm

Michael Jackson Not For Sale is the story of the sale that never was and a chance to look at the weird and wonderful stuff that he collected at his ranch.

From iconic stage costumes to private collections of artwork and a child-like fascination with Hollywood memorabilia, this film gives a unique glimpse into the spending habits of a celebrity who loved to shop.

Michael Jackson: HIStory World Tour

TX Date: 22 August, Saturday, 10.30pm

The HIStory World Tour was the third and final world concert tour by Michael Jackson as a solo artist, covering 44 shows in Europe, 6 in Africa, 19 in Asia, 11 in Australia and 2 in Hawaii from September 7, 1996 to October 15, 1997. The tour, which grossed a total of $163.5 million, included a total of 82 concerts attended by 4,500,000 fans in total.

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration

TX Date: 29 August, Saturday, 10.30pm

The Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration is a 90 minutes special of music celebration in honoring Michael Jackson's thirtieth year as a solo entertainer. A night filled with non stop hits from the great legendary King of Pop with special performances by Whitney Houston, Usher, Britney Spears, The Jackson 5, NSYNC, James Ingram, Slash, Luther Vandross and many more.

So dun miss it!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hey guys, we're back again. Anyway, sorry for the late updates! Phewww..been busy with our studies. :) But still we love our student life! Psss, I heard that there are new interns in 8tv now! I wonder who they are..Hmm. Aha, in order to know all these, we gotta gossip a lot! Hold on, right now, I'm gonna tell you something..



TIME: 10.30PM


STARRING: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen, Ed Westwick, Kelly Rutherford, Matthew Settle, Kristen Bell, & Nicole Fiscella


In the beginning of this season, Blair, returns from her summer trip to Europe with a new boyfriend named James. Blair brings James to the Hamptons to spend the last few weeks of the summer holidays while she also tries to make Chuck jealous and succeeds. However, James is hiding a secret of his own from everyone.

Serena, on the other hand, goes through a rough time getting over her breakup with Dan but eventually gets back on track in the dating game.

In this season, Nate gets involved in a steamy affair with an older and married woman. However, the scandalous relationship soon ended and Nate began to notice little Jenny Humphrey, who dropped out of school in this season to pursue her dreams to be a fashion designer.

Jenny took the job for an intern position in Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion company as a stepping stone.

As for Dan, his focus and determination is set on Yale. Dan has remained in New York to take a job with a demanding magazine editor, and has gone on a dating spree to get over his breakup with Serena.

Throughout the season, Rufus and Lily rekindled old love and began to date again. They also revealed a huge secret to their children about a child that they had together.

Gossip Girl (Season 2) is sure to leave you wanting more at the end of every episode. This season promises more drama that is shocking and will definitely leave everyone entertained!

Be sure not to miss all the scandalous dramas on Gossip Girl (Season 2) airing every Sunday at 10.30pm starting 28th July 2009 on 8TV! 8TV can also be viewed on Astro’s Channel 708.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spy? Get burned?

Heh, do you love all those spy and action series? Well, let's see what they have on 8TV...

The sizzling second season coming on 8tv!

TX Date: 20 July 2009

Day/Time: Monday, 10.30pm

When spies get fired, they do not get a letter from human resources, but instead they get burned… The hottest show last summer in America and the number one new show on cable, we bring to you Burn Notice (Season 2), a drama series that will “blaze” your TV screens starting 20th July 2009, at 10.30pm!

Burn Notice is a sexy and action-packed drama series that is created, written and executive produced by Matt Nix. The series comes from Fox Television Studios and Fuse Entertainment and is distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution.


The second season finds Michael on a dangerous new mission that could give him clues what or whom is he up against regarding his burn notice. Without money, but with the help Fiona, he continues to help those less fortunate while struggling to put his life back together.

In the explosive season finale, Michael learns some surprising facts about Victor's past, and is forced to take on Carla in a final showdown.

Michael and Victor have secured a file they need to blackmail Carla and plan to take Victor’s boat to Cuba so they can lay low. When Carla arrives at the dock and the three face off.

Things look bleak but Sam and Fiona show up just in time. But, it’s not over and Michael has to face Management in their helicopter, who are furious they’ve lost four operatives since they "recruited" Michael.

Michael fires right back that he never asked for this and wants out. Management tells him he can get out right now by jumping, but he will no longer have any protection from his enemies. Will he jump and leave his future unknown?

To catch the rest of season 2, be sure not to forget to tune in to 8TV and catch Burn Notice (Season 2) starting 20th July 2009 at 10.30pm. 8TV is also available on Astro’s Channel 708.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WAH! Celebrities & Coffee! Models!

Yes, you got it right! It's A Cup of Love and I Wanna Be A Model road show going on! How could you miss meeting the good-looking, talented actors & actresses? You will be able to meet them, play games with them and best of all, WIN PRIZES!

You can even come support your friend if you found them joining I Wanna Be A Model! Just like one of our admins, April! She has a tall and pretty friend joined too! So you might be able to catch her there. Do not worry, it is very easy to recognize her. Her characteristics:

- Sampat Active
- Snapping photos all the time
- Voice loud loud 1
- Very friendly, of course

Do not forget, this 25th July, on Saturday, 1PM, you can catch up with the celebrities from A Cup of Love, which are Hishiko, Duncan, Rickman, Adrian, Cheryl, the hosts and also the participants of I wanna Be A Model at KLANG PARADE!

The actors & actresses of A Cup of Love

Hot models!

~More information in Chinese version~

《咖啡恋人馆》& 《我要做Model造势活动



八度空间约您一同出席《咖啡恋人馆》& 《我要做Model》造势活动,725日,星期六,下午1点,《咖啡恋人馆》演员们包括Hishiko吴佩其、Duncan豪俊、Rickman谢承伟、Adrian陈凯旋、Cheryl李欣怡,以及第三季《我要做Model的参赛者和主持人将现身巴生百利广场,与观众朋友们玩游戏、送奖品,齐来与八度空间共渡一个香气诗意的美丽约会。

欲知更多《咖啡恋人馆》& 《我要做Model》造势活动,详情如下:









Klang Parade







Sg.Wang Plaza, KL




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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 more day to Shout! Awards!

Here's a video I grab from Lulu aka Rinee! Thanks for postin it Lulu!

Sean Kingston's Shout!out!

And here's another poster I found! Yay~

Don't miss it! ;D

And again, let me remind you that you can always log on to our official website at here for more info bout Shout! Award and remember, dont forget to vote for your favourite idols over here ya! ;)

Please, do stay tune with us to find out more updates on upcomin' events or news, rumors and even gossips! Thanks for droppin by! ciao~

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tribute to The King of Pop at Shout! Awards!

Wow, "Tribute to The King of Pop at Shout! Awards!"... It does actually rhymes to me! (So what?! Yeah, watever!) =p
Well, hello peeps! How's everyone doin' lately?! Did anyone cried when watch Michael Jackson memorial last Wednesday?! Well, I'm not sure about you guys but I definitely shed my tears, a lot of times! Especially when the late MJ's daughter; Paris spoke on stage!

And guess what?! We, are still not enuff of Michael Jackson rite?! Yeap, the idea comes around where we gonna feature some of the latest hits of MJ perform to us by our very own 1st season winner of Malaysian Idol, Jackly Victor together with guest rap artiste Reefa and music score arrangements by Aubrey Suwito! *Thanks Abang Azwar for the info!* 8TV will be adding and featuring a tribute specially made for the late King of Pop... All thanks to 8TV for making this happen!
*Gosh, I'm so gonna cry on that day~ Paiseh nyer!* =p

You wont be able to see the pict that clearly
but do click on the pict to view larger size
(Sorry peeps, this is the only picture I got!)

For further information, you can always log on to our official website at here and remember, dont forget to vote for your idols over here! Vote everyday if possible! Bcoz every votes count and do make a lot of differences! ;D

Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna update! So, please do stay tune with us to find out more updates on any events or news or rumors or even gossips!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Catch Michael Jackson Memorial LIVE from The Staple Centre, LA

Hey peeps! I'm just back from college... Sorry, never hav the time to update! These are the info I collected from friends who posted on Facebook!

Anyways, REMEMBER and don't forget to watch MJ's Memorial Service LIVE on 8th July 2009, 1am later and there is goin to be a repeat show at 10:15pm later on that nite! What? Where? Of coz only on 8TV! Remember ya! It's a MUST bcoz all of the 8TV staff is working late today just for this very special and memorable Michael Jackson's show... So, u better don't go to bed so early ya! Together we shall sleep only at 3am! =p

What? No TV? Aww, that's OK! No worries! I hav good news for you then! Thanks to the latest advanced tech, everyone now can watch it LIVE too at our 8TV's official websites!
Click here, which it will directly bring you to watch the video live!

Exclusively only for you guys! ALL THE WAY FROM L.A! Imagine how many works they, the staff gonna go through in order for us to watch this LIVE locally!

Better catch it LIVE o you'll regret!

Exclusively only on 8TV!

And here are some of the pictures I got from the web that I would lik to share with you all! And I believe pictures below speaks a thousands words, therefore I shudnt write anythin to describe every single pictures below here...

Gosh, my tears started flowin seeing those pictures... Heart felt so uneasy... May you rest in peace now, my Greatest Idol, King of Pop! =,(

Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna update! So, please do stay tune with us to find out more updates on any events or news or rumors or even gossips!

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Monday, July 6, 2009

I wanna be a model too if CAN!

Haha! That's so impossible rite! Yeah, I can cont' to dream on! =p All rite, cut those crap! How are you guys goin'? Me? I'm superb busy wif college assignments! Argh~ That's so killing me!

Yeap, this year, there is again a new season of I Wanna Be A Model Season 3! 8 super hot guys and 8 super sexy chicks were selected to be in the finalist stage! Trust me, although it sound lik American/Britian Next Top Model kind of show, but this season, it's goin to be a very different version! Dont believe me?! Watch it and you'll noe! It's definitely goin to be much better! ;)

I Wanna Be A Model Season 3, only on 8TV

The finalists

Handsome bois and pretty gurls...

Cupcakes of IWBAM III

Starting tonight, 5th of July, every Sun; at 9.30pm, 8TV is goin to air the show for you! So, catch it and dont miss it! And of coz, if you happen to lik erm, accidentally miss it o u wanna watch it again, you can alwiz go to our official website to watch it! Well, just click here! So simple and easy rite?! And if you are not sure who is who and you wanna noe more bout them, just click here!

The IWBAM (8TV Crew Version)

***Psst! Eventually, it is so happen that one of the lucky finalist is one of my college mate! Her name is Shirley! Check her out! =p

Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna update! So, please do stay tune with us to find out more updates on any events or news or rumors or even gossips!

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Edison open Juice store at Bangsar with his partner, Kevin Poon!

Yeap! April Pang is still alive but I'm really sorry for not tryin to update any news over here... It's bcoz I was unable to get in touch with the new interns and Lilian batch had ad leave us... So sad! That was so fast wei! Much more faster than Angeline actually! =p Gonna miss you guys! Take care ya, Lilian, Ah Yen and Ah Yan! ;D And apart from that, I'm currently busy with my own Uni's projects; such as making short film prod, music video prod, documentary prod, interview prog, creating real broadcast news and many more! Stress~
Yeah, I know this has got nothin to do with 8TV but at least there are 8TV reporters was there covering the news for us, the public! I only know Sam! =p Here is the video I manage to search!


This is Sam and 'my' Edison
(Damn u SAM! Ish~ I'm so jealous!)

I'm so lucky to get Media pass to enter as a media! Special thanks to Harick, PR of Malaysia's Juice! =)
Anyways, this has got nothin to do with 8TV news but I just wanna share this with everyone! My experience as a media for one day! =p

Juice at Bangsar

Saw anyone familiar behind the guard? =p
He's super busy wei! I heard he was actually on MC on that day...

Edison and Sam from Hong Kong =p

Me and Edison's co-owner of Juice, Kevin Poon

Me in Juice boutique before the public can enter at 5pm
(To the most left is M'sia's Limited Edition tee,
pixel with the pict of legendary Michael Jackson)

Me posing with Malaysia's Juice Very Own Limited Edition cap, RM 199
(Which I heard now, the selling price at online is RM800!)

Yup, I even met celebrities over there... Mostly are Chinese but to my surprise, Joe Flizzow was here too! I ran up to him and congratulate him right away for bein nominated as Flava Award (Hip Hop/R&B Awards) under Music category~! Hehe~ I do always support you! Seriously, since I was young! =D

Me and Joe Flizzow

Ok, all rite! Back to the real topic! Next week Fri, it's goin to be a big bang show awards kinda thing that is goin to happen in our country! It's some sort of lik Grammy Awards but this is in Malaysia style! So, pls! Do show us some support! Vote for your talented stars who hav gave us their talents in entertainment industy!
To vote, pls log into ur 8TV acct and click here!

Well, I guess that's all I'm gonna update bcoz I'm lack of 'internal' gossips and info! Nid good and better spy! Seriously, this update is just for fun! So, please do stay tune with us to find out more updates on any events or news or rumors or even gossips from the new and freshly born new interns! Hav a nice ahead and good days ahead! ;) Meanwhile, you can alwiz check out this cool website set up by our senior, Abang Azwar! =) He's alwiz up-to-date!
Ciao~ ;D

P/S: Gonna update on upcomin Shout! Award event soon! So, do stay tune! ;)

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Friday, July 3, 2009


season 4 , the project runway continue showing in 8TV

Have you got the eye for fashion and a passion for haute couture? Wonder what it takes to be a top fashion designer in the cutthroat fashion industry? Put everything aside and tune in to 8TV for the fourth season of Project Runway

Like the previous seasons, the competition begins with 12 designers where one gets eliminated weekly based on the judges evaluation. Unlike the previous seasons, this seasons elimination goes down to four designers at the end of the show where these four are required to prepare a collection for Fashion Week but only three is chosen to compete with each other and display their best designs on the runway show at the New York Fashion. The winner is then chosen following their display at the fashion show.

Each episode of the show features a challenge where the designers are required to create one or several pieces based on their own original ideas to be presented at a runway show for the judges to evaluate.

The highlight of the challenges includes making a garment using non-traditional materials such as food items or recyclable materials, creating a garment for a high profile person such as actress Brooke Shields and figure skater Sasha Cohen, coming up with designs for a corporate fashion line such as Diane Von Furstenberg or Banana Republic and producing a design centered around a specialized theme such as ‘prom night’ or ‘wedding gown’.

The stress and pressure from every challenge with the limited amount of time is one of the reasons why politics in the workroom arises. This show is filled with non-stop arguments and backstabbing between the contestants.

Be sure not to miss Project Runway Season 4 and get a glimpse on the craziness that comes with the desire to be the top fashion designer in the ever-competitive fashion industry. Project Runway Season 4 will be aired every Thursdays at 10pm, on 8TV!

8TV can also be viewed on Astro’s Channel 708.

Now, you can also catch your favourite 8TV programme on the go, simply log on to on your mobile phone and enjoy!

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