Saturday, September 26, 2009

8TV Chinese Carnival @ 2009

Hello everybody! We are back again! We are so glad that during our sem break, 8tv actually called us to work! Feeling great because we do not have to do nothing in our house! :p It was quite tiring but we just love it! Don't we just love the working environment in 8tv? Hah!

Anyway, did anyone of you came to Berjaya Times Square today? OMG! We were giving out a lot of FREE GIFTS!! And I do mean A LOT! First of all, I think we need to say thank you to all of you that came and support us! I tell you what, the FREE GIFTS are so good and so many until we really feel like being an audience and line up to play games! You get to play and you get free gifts as well.

Oh ya, we are going to prepare for tomorrow's work too! It's the finals of "I Wanna Be A Model 3". You can watch it live in 8TV at 8.30p.m. If you have Astro, you can watch it at channel 708. :) Don't forget to vote for them! And if you wanna follow their news 24/7, do be their fans in Facebook! Here's the link: I Wanna Be A Model in Facebook.

I think I will upload the videos first, then only the photos. Besides me, April will be uploading the photos soon. Usually she will be more active around 3a.m.! Haha! It's true! This will not be a long post, no worries!

If you wish to some better quality photos, you can try these links. It seems like a person called SooHK took some photos of 8TV Chinese Carnival by using Canon EOS 40D.
There you go! Haha, you can try to google 8TV Chinese Carnival for that.

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Credits to: Soo Hon Keong

Videos of 8TV Chinese Carnival 2009!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

You think you what it takes?

Do you think you hav what it takes to become the nex 8TV Quickie Host?

Then come on to our audition places and giv urself a try out! Who knows you might be the next person who's gonna appear on 8TV Quickie and in every single events! ;D

Try out at these specific locations below!

(click on the picture for enlargement)

8TV Quickie Search

It's a mini reality show that starts the hunt for the next 8TV Quickie faces.

From the hundreds that comes through the doors for the open auditions, 6 of them will be chosen to undergo classes and training (PR, Communication Skills & Grooming). Tasks/challenges will be given to these Top 6 participants to test their skills in reporting and hosting. The tasks/challenges that are given are actual assignments that consists of product launches, events and LIVE interviews.

The viewers are not to be forgotten of their purpose in this hunt. Quickie fans will be given a chance to vote for their favorite through online and SMS. With this hunt, the 8TV Quickie Search will not only find their new hosts for the show but to maintain the status of producing QUALITY talents for Malaysia's TV industry.

8TV Quickie Search Do's and Dont's


    • Be quirky and upbeat.
    • Bring your sense of humour.
    • Be yourself.
    • Smile.
    • Brush your teeth.
    • Dress to impress.
    • Wear perfume.
    • Show your inner talents.
    • Be confident.
    • Chill and have fun!


    • Don't fart.
    • Don't swear.
    • Don't flirt with the cameraman.
    • Don't kiss a**.
    • Don't forget your voice.
    • Don't forget your lines.
    • Don't puke.
    • Don't forget your undergarments.
    • Don't come unprepared.
    • Don't be a diva.

Please, do stay tune with us to find out more updates on upcomin' events or news, rumors and even gossips! Thanks for droppin by! ciao~

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Chinese Carnival 2009

Hey peeps! We're back! And psst, let me tell u some happy n good news! News, events and updates will soon b updating by us again coz we'll be helpin out wif 8TV again starting from this Sat!

Well, just a notice here to invite everyone to come down over to Times Square to celebrate Chinese Carnival of this year wif us lik how 8TV celebrated last year! And this is due to the upcomin of Mooncake Festival! This Sat, startin from morn until nite time! Featurin many local celebrities, artistes and UPG groups of talented singers that you dont wanna miss it! ;D

(click on the picture for enlargement)

Please, do stay tune with us to find out more updates on upcomin' events or news, rumors and even gossips! Thanks for droppin by! ciao~

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

top4 competing on 927.. who will take the fame of I WANNA BE A MODEL this year

我要做MODEL 34927决一胜负



总决赛当天参赛者的命运将有百分之四十交由电视观众决定,而另外的百分之六十则是由当天的在席评审评分。除了3位长驻评审Eddy李荣达、Pricilla余会和Christopher刘进有外,当天还加入了两位重量级嘉宾评审,分别有国内顶尖模特儿公司Cilla & Associates的创办人兼总执行长Cilla Foong以及本地首席摄影公司Studio Rom的摄影师Steve Koh


想要以简讯或家用电话投票支持表现最好的参赛者,请留意以下投票方式,只需先输入<IWBAM>空一格然后再填上他们的代号<ALVIN>< SHIR><SAM>< STEP>,并发送至33399即可,每则简讯收费为RM0.50;此外,参赛者也可使用家用电话拨打参赛者的专属电话号码投票,ALVIN的专属电话号码为13711SHIR的专属电话号码为13712SAM的专属电话号码为13713 STEPHANIE的专属电话号码为13714每一通电话收费为RM0.65


dear fan's this upcoming Sunday Sept 27 8.30 pm, dont miss the live I WANNA BE MODEL 3 broadcast exclusively on 8TV and it also able via Astro channel 708.

as the grand final of the competition. who are the one will win the fame of I WANNA BE A MODEL. stay tune with us..

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Friday, September 11, 2009

An album you don't wanna miss out!

A must buy album! Come and show us ur support towards local music industry! =)
Get Shila's 'BEBASKAN' Album in stores today and don't forget to download her songs too! And here are the codes for all mobile users! =)

Title for Maxis, Digi, U-Mobile & TT users:

1. Kaku 143845 0071079 176417 15304249
2. Ada Saja 143846 0071080 176418 15304251
3. Terus Menyinta 143848 0071081 176419 15304273
4. Tapi Megapa 143850 0071082 176420 15304306
5. Tragik 143851 0071083 176421 15304317
6. Cekal 143852 0071084 176422 15304328
7. Whisper My Name 143853 0071085 176423 15304339
8.Tiada Akhir Nanti 143854 0071086 176424 15304341
9.Hell-No 143855 0071087 176425 15304352
10.Bebaskanlah 143856 0071088 176426 15304363
11.Bisik Namaku 143857 0071089 176427 15304374
12. Memori Tercipta 143858 0071090 176428 15304407

Download Instructions:
Type *131*CODE# press

CODE send to 2000 (RM3.00)

Type CT
and send to 28118 (RM3.00)

True Tones (TT)
send to 32231 (RM4.00)

Do check her out! OK? >.<

Oh my, Shila is such a cutie n cheeky gurl!
We wish her success!

**Pls forgiv us for not updatin any post here, it's bcoz due to our busy-ness in our collge... Our blog shall resume back in a weeks time! I promise tat! ;)

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