Saturday, February 21, 2009

The last administrative

Haha, the last administrative, the adorable vin vin!

Hello! I am Alvin, one of the intern in 8TV 2009! hmm, nothing much just an adorable cute sai meng and mostly keen and humorous boi in the brand development, marketing and communication department. i am under the promotional side where i assist my supervisor abang azwar nazli and the PR team in daily routines.

First of all, media monitoring will be part of PR job to monitor the most update news about the industry as well as the company 8TV, Media Prima. paper clipping will be done daily and report will be request if there are a need by other department under 8TV.

Another big job scope for me under training is to complete daily programing schedule (DPS) that will be send over to all press to publish the most update of the 8TV program live or shows. it sound lame but it very cool yet it takes time to update it.

Translation will be my another work where there be press release and synopsis's to be translate to other languages and be mark by my superior ^^

There many more work to share but kinda busy now. will be updated soon... promise to dear fellow readers.

Oh yea, stay tune with One In A Million live show every Friday 9.30pm exclusive at 8TV and sunday 8.30 the Ultimate Power Group live show. both is very interesting show that worth to be catch on!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Greetings earthling!

Aloha guys! This is April here! I guess I'll be the second one who introduce myself after May. (And all this while I tot April shud hav cum first before May rite?!) =p Gosh, I'm so excited bout this blog!!! Although our internship at 8tv is oni for bout 3 months but v hope that this blog page will be somehow a memorable moments for us to look back nex time and a useful site for those people who plan to do interns wif 8tv o in any media field coz I bliv it's all the same!

Well, first of foremost, I'm currently pursuin first year Adv Dip in Mass Comm. (Broadcast Comm). Although I'm studyin and majorin in broadcasting, but I was sumhow being assigned to Special Project Team due to no more places in "Prod team", I guess... But I was indeed very grateful to be in this team, which consists of 3 'super gurl' and a guy... They are the most nicest and warmest person on the earth and I was blessed to enter such a fun and energetic team! They treat me as their friend more than as an intern, seriously, compared to other interns... =p Well, Special Projects team are more to outdoor types, besides they deals wif updating recent events and awaitin comfirmation wif venue bookin, artiste comfirmation, plannin of the dates for specific events and many more other things. And trust me, I bet most of the intern wish to be in my team bcoz all my seniors are so nice and warm! (It's not lik others team are not good, they are nice too but my team are the best!) =p Jus ask them anythin, they'll try to sort it out for you! =D I love them so much! *Hugs and kisses*

And I was told tat I was kinda lucky to enter in the exact months where all the reality shows are startin to be live on aired. Coz I'll get to learn more if there are live shows and the best part? I get to travel wif the team if there is any roadshows! So fun rite?! Bcoz honestly, I never been to any part of the state except for Penang and Melacca when I was small. =p

Well, this is me posin 'siao'ly wif
the guitar stand durin the audition to
enter 'Special Project' team!
I noe! What a tough request they hav rite?! =D

Oh well, after all the intro to the team and myself, nex post, we promise you that we'll feature the hottest and juiciest gossips ever that happen in 8tv! And also events that we experience! Stay tune~ ;D

Trust me, it's gonna be bigger, bolder, better and wild, very wild!

You noe you gonna love us!
The Gossip Team!

**Sorry May! Mua dun hav any meow photo to put and y la put cat photo?! 'She' is so gonna kill u if she see ur post! =p

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yup, May is in da house now! :)

HAH! I do not want to show you my pretty face! :p Nah, I got nothing nice to show you.

Oh well, I guess I'm the first to introduce myself. Just call me May. :) I gotta say this, intern in 8tv is way so cool because you get to learn a lot of stuffs. Of course, you gotta prove that you can really learn things. So, before I started to go into the gossip part, let me share bout the first week doing my intern in 8tv.

Opps, almost forget to mention the job scope. Currently I'm in the PR team. Heh. I got cool supervisors and boss. I guess PR team will always have to deal with the public and media. The most important thing that we gotta in the morning is, media monitering which also means reading newspaper. To be honest, last time I do not read newspaper at all. Except for some special cases or the comic section. Haha. Ever since I got this task, I realized that there are so many things that I should know and the world is so big. :p But the worst part of all, is to read all those sad cases like: rape cases, murder cases and etc.

Besides that, sometimes my supervisor will bring me to visit on scene of 8tv's idol drama series. Whenever there's a press conference, we will be there to help. We get to help on the live show too! For example like: One In A Million 3 (OIAM3) and also Ultimate Power Group (UPG). If there's a tour visit to 8tv, it will be my supervisor's job as well. I like to follow her and learn things. :) She really taught me a lot and I'm glad that she's willingly to teach. :p *ehem* although she might look cute, but she can be cool. Heh. But that's her!

The fun part in the office? :) We gossip a lot! Conflict, rumors, 'underground relationship', and also not to forget the legendary SS girl a.k.a. poser girl, just name it and we got it! But of course, most of them will not affect the relationship in our office. I bet we are the funkiest, noisiest, loudest and what else? We know how to enjoy and we know how to work. So, stay tuned for the best and coolest news in 8tv. You know you are curious!


Love ,


Welcome everybody to our hottest blog as intern in 8TV ever! We'll keep you guys updated bout internal and external of 8TV latest happening! =D

This blog is created by us with no intention of hurting anyone and is created as part of our moments in working at 8TV, where we can able to refer back next time in future and also as a useful site for those people who plan to do interns with 8TV o in any media field...

We promise you that you guys will not regret for dropping by over here! We'll prove to you how diff it will be as an intern at 8TV compare to any others places! Yeah! 8TV rocks! =)

P/S: And we do admit that we do not wanna be like any other 'interns' who stay for a while as 'intern' and leave as an 'ordinary intern' once it's time to leave. We just wanna be more than that! Much more extraordinary! Where we will create a history which enable everyone to remember and know who are us, what we did and all! And to prove, we were here, at 8TV as a part of the family tree! =)