Monday, June 29, 2009


Here comes SMJK Kepong Baru. Welcome to 8TV! The person who's in charge for the school tour on that special day is Abang Azwar and 3 of his interns (Terence, Hana n me, of course) were so lucky to join them. You will get a lot of information from Abang Azwar's briefing. Let's have a look at the pictures.

Abang Azwar briefed the students and the teachers.

That's Terence (the one standing near to the lift) is the new intern for Urban PR.

introduce to you our new host for 8 e-news Abang Azwar. haha..
(only for that day at that moment)

our lovely Hana.

Farhana or we can call her Hana is also our new intern under Urban PR. You'll see her and Terence updating the blog soon. It's so colourful, don't you like it? But depends on who's the one holding the camera right? haha..

a, b, c, d, eeeeeeee.... (hehe... learn it from xiao xiao)

This group of students are so active and fun. See how they post and smile in front of the camera? They were so excited to see our mini studio (8 e-news and 8TV Quickie). Unfortunately, we were lack of time and the last group miss the studio. It's so different when you watch the studio during live at home than you see it with your own eyes at the studio itself. Here the cameras and lightings play a very important role in catching a nice shot. After Abang Azwar briefed them, there's Q&A session followed by photography session.

What's going on here? lining up for the VIP?

Haha.. Actually they are waiting to enter our news room. Like usual, we have to divide them into small groups. But the last group squeeze in afraid that they might miss out the news room too. :)

news room

well, who we have here?

They are so lucky to meet Jules and Prem from Flyfm, Amrita (producer of pagi show's) and Alisha (producer of Flyfm traffic)

wow... nice post Hana. :P

At last, it's time to bid goodbye to them. Hope they enjoy the trip. As for me, it's time to back to work. sob sob.. Well guys, you get to learn something meaningful from the school trip so don't miss it. Grab the chance and join us. See ya..

Friday, June 26, 2009


8TV cordially invite all members to come down to Laundry, The Curve from 7pm-9pm Tonight 26 June for the SHout AWard road show.

there will lots goodies to be given away and perfomance from Ayu, Caprice, Jin Hackman, Phlowtron, Colabro8, Couple and Dynas.Hope to see you all there! Tickets will be given out for the Shout! Awards on that day.

more than that, Akon and Sean Kingston will be there. stay with 8TV for more incredible moment in life.... We are Different

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"J" have the romance moment with 8TV

Want some serious romance to spice up your Sundays? , 8TV is bringing an Indonesian hit series entitle “J” that will premiere on your TV screens screening, at 11.00pm!
“Here’s one of those series that will get your eyes glued on the TV screens as you just cannot wait to know what happens next! Of course there’s also the main actors like Samuel Rizal, Nadine and Fera that I’m sure have fans amongst our viewers,” said Ms Lam Swee Kim, 8TV’s General Manager.
Junior (Samuel Rizal) or better known as ‘J’ is a handsome young man who comes from a well-to-do family. Upon completion of his Masters Degree in Boston, Junior was forced to return home and to also find a wife. Being the obedient and respectful son that he is, Junior could not refuse his father’s wishes.
To find the perfect wife for his son, Junior’s father introduced him to a few photos of young socialites who not only possess beauty but also wealth.
Out of the many beautiful women, Junior’s eyes were glued to a picture of a beautiful young girl name Vanina (Fera Feriska). After meeting Vanina, who also happens to be the daughter to his father’s business partner, Junior was even more convinced of his attraction towards Vanina. Apart from her youthful beauty, Junior was also attracted to her down to earth personality.
However, as both Junior and Vanina was getting to know each other better, he came across Vanisa (Nadine Chandrawinata), a beautiful, sexy and intelligent young woman who was not only elegant but also ambitious.
As time passes by, Junior was also slowly attracted to Vanisa, who had a more aggressive attitude compared to Vanina and much often gets what she wants.
After knowing both women more personally, Junior became torn between Vanina and Vanisa who each possess different personalities and appeal to him.
The question remains, who will Junior choose as his wife in the end?
To know how does this love triangle ends, do not forget to catch “J” on 8TV! 8TV is also available on Astro’s Channel 708.
Now, you can also catch your favourite 8TV programme on the go, simply log on to on your mobile phone and enjoy!

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ultimate Power Group - FINALS!

Finally, on 6th June, besides it's a public holiday - Agong's birthday, it's also UPG's final live show at Stadium Negara! Well, of course we went to 'kaypoh'! Even Xiao Mei came all the way from Penang to support this! April was excited to join this but sometimes things are just not as expected. As for me myself, I wanted to enjoy the show and snap photos around..Glad to see them back, especially Tracy. :) There are 2 zones: Zone A and Zone B. Zone A is for the VIPs while Zone B is for the Fans. The first thing that we saw when we reached there....

Wow, the fans are early!

Since it was still early, we saw ppl from OneFM giving out prizes to those who can answer their question correctly. It's easy and by just answering the question, you will be able to win something! It's FREE!

Ppl are curious to know what they can get..

AHA! We found something! It's human and if you got follow UPG from the beginning, you will know who they are..

They come to support the top 3!

Oh! The special team were there! Spot the red shirt guy? He looks like 60-70+ years old, but he can shout like 30-40 years old. Aiseh! As usual, they ask questions and you answer it, then you will be able to get free items. At least while waiting for the door to open, there were some activities for us to play.

All the uncle, aunty, brother and sister are all supportive!

It was a hot day, luckily there's a cold coffee for us to drink!

Free items! We want!

After busy snapping photos at Zone A, we decided to go Zone B to have a look..It's still earlyyy..

Ppl start to line up as front as possible

Then we saw the fans holding different things to show their support..first is from FRIENDZ, then YATOU and STARBOYS!

As you can see, green colour stands for FRIENDZ!

Red is for the YATOU!

Orange is for the starboys! See, they even bring orange colour bag to match with their clothes.

Honestly, I think there are a lot of green colour supporters. Wherever I go, sure can see them around. If I'm not mistaken, Kenny's parents even make something that caught our attention..


Oh, it's about time to go in! Wow, We can't wait to see the judges, especially Milk, Andy and also one of the guest performers, LOLIPOP! Oh boy! drooling If you wanna know the rest, wait for another update from April! That's all from me now, stay tuned for more juicy news and gossip!

Psss, I can show you how it looks like when we started to go inside..1 hour + to go..Oh ya, if you are wondering why we didn't mentioned Alvin, this is because poor Alvin got a swollen leg and he cannot come over that day. :( Hope that he'll get well soon!

From left to right: Green (Friendz), Red (YaTou), Orange (StarBoys)

For more information about UPG in Chinese, you can always go to 8tvupg's blog .

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Friday, June 5, 2009

lolipop boy from taiwan is coming to malaysia

here it go the lollipop 1st time appearance in Malaysia. proudly invited by 8TV as the guest artist as well as performer for the final of the Ultimate Power Group ini stadium Negara this week and today friday 5th june 2009, they will be at the press conference at night in sg wang, stay tuned with the gossip team for more update..

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

我... 就是我~~~ 小燕

hihi,你们好!我就是...秋燕,很多人都叫我阿燕,最近我的supervisor叫我小燕...不好意思,昂你们久等了...因为我...文笔不太好,要用很久的时间来想怎样自我介绍...但...最终还是想不到什么...哈哈...所以就为由简简单单的介绍啦!哈哈('o’)我...家在芙蓉...就读ukm媒体系...所以就会来到8tv实习!erm...不懂还要说什么... 希望可以做到最好啦!也谢谢你们...哈哈


3 interns ss after setting up the stage and buntings. (me, Yen and Angeline)

Imagine that we have to set up the backdrops by ourselves with Siew Tyug and Tarcy. All girls, where are the guys?

Whoa! There were so many fans in green, red and orange! Are you there?

Angeline, like usual is so exited.

Our host for the day,Yoon, giving away prizes from our sponsor. (Angeline, do you want that nescafe goodies bag too? :P )

Friendz sang 夜的第七章

Star boys sang 为你写诗

Cute Y 头with their cute dance sang 爱的城堡

It's time for game.

Friendz, Star boys and Y Tou get themselves a fans up the stage to play the game. The fans need to finish a banana and blow a bolloon as fast as they can.
Get ready. Get set go!

Friendz. Go Go Go!

All of them were so exited!

Y Tou fans definitely likes banana. She beated the others for being the fastest to finish up the banana. But is she the winner?

Go go go Star boys! You are the last at the moment...

You better look out!

Yeah! Congrates to Star boys fans. Although she's not that fast to eat up the banana, she is definately good in blowing the balloon. Imagine that a small size girl can blow up a bolloon of that size in just few seconds.

Lelong lelong, green, orange or red?

Friendz, Star boys and Y Tou possing with their fans.

Ever see so many balloons in your whole life? Green, orange and red! Which colour will you vote for? Can i vote for white? haha..

Want poster with their signature?

omg! what is this? i hurt my finger while giving away the posters. haha..

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